ARGUS Group of Companies

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The Argus Group of Companies in Ukraine:
ARGUS Securities
               ARGUS Personnel
                              ARGUS Services                                            

Security - Services
... means for us more than just being vigilant and having our eyes open.
While being on duty ARGUS staff takes over a whole bunch of functions for the client such as :
Corporate Clients
•    reception
•    telephone operating
•    guest welcoming and registration
•    visitor - control
•    regulating visitor's traffic
•    consultancy to visitors
•    registration and control of mail and goods
•    24 - hours information desk
•    car – management
Embassies and Residencies
•    guest welcoming
•    consultancy to visitors
•    regulating visitor's traffic
•    visitor - control
•    check on metall materials
•    24 - hours on guard
Staff Lease and Personal Administration
ARGUS is offering all staff related services such as:
•    staff recruiting
•    staff lease
•    staff management and administration
ARGUS is providing our client's offices with high qualified staff.
Office - Cleaning and Catering
...done by reliable and professional specialists is for ARGUS self-evident. But the cleaning itself is only one (even if being the most important!) aspect of our job.
We also care for:
•    purchasing of cleaning materials, toilet and other consumption goods
•    accountancy of material-purchases in accordance to the client's bookkeeping system
•    caretaking for the client's office premises (exchanging of electric bulbs, doing small repairs)


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положительных сторон нет вообще. не верьте обещаниям.

сплошной обман во всем. по зарплате и условиям труда. никому не советую данную организацию. сам прошел через это.

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Дженерал сервис

Новый современный сервис Алишеру спасибо.(Рахмат)

Руководство слабое,слесарь есть слесарь какой с него руководитель,все бегут после первой смены.

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