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Информация о компании «Dream-marriage» is a premier personalized marriage agency where client's satisfaction and concerns are our primary focus. We carefully select the ladies on our site by working with the most trusted local agencies throughout Former USSR. Recently we have introduced an industry innovation- "Confirmed Profile". This feature allows you to write to the girl knowing her identity was verified by the agency. All the ladies are real and we do not tolerate any form of scams. Our company has offices in the USA, Russia, Ukraine, and other former USSR republics. We currently have 79 partners throughout Former USSR. In addition to our Russian ladies our membership includes Russian ladies in US at no extra charge. We are the most cost effective solution on the internet. We offer the most advance technology available in online dating today . Live Chat. Our price to value ratio is the best in the industry. We update our database daily and have 100% Anti-scam policy where no scam activity is tolerated. Our clients are welcomed to submit any suspicious activity. We protect our clients from scam by diligently responding to their concerns and deleting profiles from our database immediately upon the first sign of suspicious activity. Our main mission is to provide personalized service to specific clients needs. We take a very personal approach about bringing two people together all over the globe. Our clients are very pleased with a great customer service and advice we provide. Our clients trust us and we live up the promise of great customer care. Bringing value for the client is one of the most important priorities for us! We are proud to serve you in your quest for your Russian lady! Join the most Anti-Scam site on the web! Sincerely, Dream Marriage Staff.

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колонный адекват
Езжу на брендованном тенте. Имею свою клеинтуру. Заказы мешать надо, чтоб нормальные подкидывали. Безнал тоже, только чтоб на голову логисты ни сели. А то только проценты получать будешь. А не рубли. В гараже можно заниматься с …

маловато будет! Может со временем водителям % выплат повысят, с 45 до 50 подняли, так может и с 29 хотя бы до 35 можно поднять?

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Размещают вакансии, корда отправляет им резюме на подходящую вакансию, не перезванивают

Не перезванивают по резюме, занимаются сбором данных.

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