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Информация о компании «MyGuide»

MyGuide GmbH is a member of the Road Group of companies headquartered in the Swiss and specialized in global location based solutions.

Focused on innovation and quality, MyGuide is the specialist for easy-to-use and all-in-one navigation solutions. MyGuide assists people enjoying the best experience and the most fuel-efficient way to get from A to B in more than 43 countries. We help users to navigate easily by providing vocal guidance and menu programs in more than 24 foreign languages and to benefit from entertainment features, exhaustive local information and international assistance while on the move.

Since 2003 MyGuide has developed its know-how and became one of the world’s largest dedicated navigation solution providers. As an industry leader, we are constantly exploring new technologies, developing new markets and channels for navigation products. Our complete product portfolio offers smart solutions for all sorts of people and all walks of life. In this way MyGuide aims continually to making the lives of everyone safer, more mobile and less stressful.

During the last years, MyGuide has evolved a real system of competences by interacting simultaneously different application areas as hardware, engineering and software to provide the latest high-technology and the most accurate navigation solutions at affordable prices.

With offices in Asia, Russia and Europe as well as a growing world-wide network of leading distributors and retailers, MyGuide is your international source for mobile navigation solutions. We place world-wide marketing and distribution, and also leading edge support at our partners disposal.

As your international strategic partner, MyGuide ensure you local Asian manufacturing presence to provide for product quality and availability while offering professional European product management and after-sales-service support from our offices in Europe.

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Работаю с линками почти с самого основания, регулярно получаю от них адекватную аналитику (отдельное спасибо Тане и Жене), лью с ними в плюс, выплачивают исправно - от сетки другого и не требуется. Кроме linkprofit никто с финансовым трафом работать не …

От Яндекс.Денег отказались, а так здесь и без меня всё написали

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Работаю в этой компании два года. За последние 2 года, это лучшее место где работы. Самый удобный и гибкий график. И очень хорошая и стабильная зарплата. В ноябре будет 8 месяцев, как я тружусь в ЕРТ . На данный момент ушла в декретный отпуск и очень …

На данный момент нету никаких моментов в моей работы, которые бы мне не нравились или не устраивали

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