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Наша компания занимается нефтесервисом для Нефтяных компаний таких как Тенгизшевройл Agip, и т.д. У нас 3 филиала это в Актау, Атырау и г.Аксай это под Уральском а головное предприятие в Алмате. Established in early 2002, NDT services LLP has become the key provider to Tengizchevroil, PFD projects SGI and SGP, KPO Karachaganak, and more recently Saipem – AGIP KCO. The management of NDT services has been providing local inspection support services for over 10 years to Bechtel-Enka JV, FDCS (Fluor Daniel Caspian Services), CCIC-Saipem JV, Bonnati, CBI Kazakhstan, NSS LLP, Senimdi Kurilys. By combining international resources, we will be able to use our current Kazakh workforce operating with the latest Western technology and with equipment already in Kazakhstan. The financial and specialist support of both companies; have made NDT Service LLP local leaders in their specific areas of expertise. For the Caspian region, NDT services LLP provide specialist surveillance NDT personnel and both conventional inspection and advanced inspection services. Additionally we offer the most comprehensive range of heat treatment Services in Kazakhstan The above-mentioned collaboration will offer NCC an unrivalled service in the Caspian region encompassing a complete NDT, Inspection, Thermal Engineering and Industrial Maintenance portfolio. Our philosophy is an ongoing investment into Kazakhstan, in both people and technical equipment, in order to secure us as a market leader in the country for the manufacturing, distribution and support services. In addition we are striving to develop mutually beneficial partnerships where our expertise translates into cost savings across the board, with no compromise in quality. With the advent of new technologies, new inspection and maintenance philosophies/methodologies (such as Risk Based Inspection (RBI), online inspection program, Reliability-Centered Maintenance, (RCM), where the reliability and availability of equipment and plants is maximized, the need of advanced NDT techniques is of the utmost importance to provide accurate measurements. With this in mind and the demand from our clients, NDT services LLP was founded, concentrating on the advanced and specialized NDT services. The Company offers a comprehensive range of Inspection, NDT and Consultancy service products. The services range from time-tested conventional methods; to the most sophisticated advanced NDT and Consultancy methods and techniques currently available. Coupled with the individually applied methods, we are also offer complete Q.C., maintenance inspection and analysis packages that encompass several different methods and techniques bundled into complete solutions aimed at both the construction and production maintenance sectors Specialized and advanced NDT services cater for the requirements of NDT both during fabrication stage and the subsequent operation/maintenance stage. NDT services LLP are able to perform inspections, whilst equipment and plants are online, limiting downtime or shutdowns. NDT services LLP has now the complete range of traditional and advanced services in order to provide a one-stop center for the benefit of our clients. Local national content is a high priority for us and consequently we employ a unique “dual strategy” when implementing our training, both at our facility and directly at the job site. We have established that the cross transfer of western practices and techniques, both conventional and advanced benefit from this approach. Firstly we enjoy a fully international work force of qualified engineers and technicians, our approach has been to minimize, the western supervision expatriate role wherever practically possible, and utilize our Asian technicians to work along the local national workforce, and with hands on training being the key focus. In principle we have found that the hands on approach and teaming of Asian and National workers in Kazakhstan provides the most economical and efficient way to bring the quality of services and production our clients demand. Our execution plan for training and certification is simple; we bring our most cost effective workforce; who are experienced in high production construction contracts, dual them with local Kazakhstan National technicians and introduce the best practice principle, utilizing the latest and most advanced equipment. All backed up by our international resource base. We have jointly trained over (60) sixty Kazakhstan Nationals, in heat treatment, mechanical services and inspection. We currently supply on-site services for Tengizchevroil in Tengiz and NDT services LLP is the preferred NDT vendor for the balance of main works and maintenance contract in Aksai.

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