The Web Production (TWP)

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Founded in 1998 The Web Production (TWP) has become one of the leading producers of IT Solutions and Multimedia Content in the European IT market.

More than 150 employees create high-quality products which meet and exceed our clients‘ requirements  using the latest technologies and our internally developed advanced tools.

Our IT Solutions allow customers to meet their strategic goals by improving productivity and streamlining process management. We focus on the development of automated systems for information and process management. TWP products optimize processes in Project Management, Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship, Customer Services & Support. Our web-based software utilizes transaction platforms, Media Database, Site Builder, Information Portals and other current products. We have obtained recognition in the international IT market with TWP Livepages – a Site Builder which was awarded the Europrix 2002 for Excellence in the Multimedia Category.

TWP Multimedia content includes Mobile, Online, Electronic Games/Content and Digital Animation. We produce both entertaining and learning games developed in Visual C++, Director, 3D Max and drawn in Painter, Photoshop and Flash. We have licenses to use well known animation heroes in our games and cartoons – The Peanuts, Maya the Bee and many others. 2D and 3D technologies are combined in TWP Multimedia Production. We even use 3D objects in our TWP Color Mobile Games. Our combination of extensive knowledge in the field of traditional animation and modern computer technologies guarantees the success of our work.

Our wide range of clients include major banks and insurance companies, telecommunications giants, numerous European television networks and leading international hotel corporations.

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Сергей Антонов

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Решили добавить новых видов деятельности. В Базальте помогли с оформление документов для внесения изменения в ЕГРИП (у меня ИП-шка). Юлия Беркута взяла нас под свое крыло, и провела от начала до конца. Побольше бы таких людей, влюбленных в свою работу.

Не было при сотрудничестве отрицательных моментов.

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20.01.2018, 12:48

Islands retina 50

Эвелина Епшина

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Оператором колл-центра пришла работать недавно, нечего не умела. Девчонкии меня быстро научили, огромное им спасибо. Пока нечего плохого сказать не могу, работаю только третий месяц.


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